PPTV The most popular net TV in the world

Software feature

spoil your visual sensation
P2P technology
absolutely guaranteed picture flow
Clear interface
friendly user experience
Totally free of charge
down it and you could enjoy watching at once, no need to pay
Plenty of activities
domestic and oversea movies and TV series
Program downloadable
enjoy online or offline
--the world’s largest online all-video interactive
entertainment media platform
SynaCast’s PPLive,the most well-known of such services within China,is the largest online video interactive entertainment media platform worldwide with the highest number of users and widest coverage serving Chinese communities. PPlive offers users omni-directional 3D online interactive video entertainment services comprised of website/communities (www.pptv.com), client terminals as well as online live/on-demand broadcasting (iKan) and video search (PP.tv).The platform currently makes available approximately 100 million video clips and 10,000 video content search records,with a library of more than 200,000 licensed films and teleplays and is the sole licensed online video source in China.
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